Dear Professors,

Greetings fropm Italy.

Also this year the project  Swap and Transfer, in the attempt to build  within the EM framework a cluster of experts in the field of Sustainable tourism, is trying to organise a workshop and cluster meeting  in Innsbruck by next October 17-18, 2016, with the hope this will further strenghthen partners cooperation and relationship.

 We would be delighted if, just like in the past workshops, you would be available to join us as  keynote speakers.

I put in copy the colleague  Sandra Scherl and Prof Mike Peters , who are organising the workshop activities in Innsbruck, so  if you are available ,  you can take scientific and logistic arrangements with them, while Trento will provide the flight tickets, as usual.

Looking forward to your kind reply,  I thank you in advance,

 wishing you all the best.

Kind regards

 Marcella Orrù